Strontian and Ariundle Oakwoods

Head out to the lovely village of Strontian, with its local shops, inn and village green. Wander through the Atlantic oak woodland at Ariundle, a Celtic rainforest and one of Scotland's National Nature Reserves. Join the fairies on a magical walk that skirts along the banks of the River Strontian. Explore the historic Corrantee lead mine, one of a group of mines that was worked between 1725 and 1871. Stop off for a delicious lunch at Cafe Sunart, take afternoon tea at The Ariundle Centre and maybe round off your day a wee dram at the Strontian Hotel.

Ariundle Oakwoods

Ariundle Oakwood National Nature Reserve is a fine example of ancient Atlanticcoastal woodland and supports a huge diversity of mosses, lichens, liverworts and ferns.  Immerse yourself in the wonders of the wild woods of Caledon, listening to the chirps and trills of woodland birds, watching out for pine martens and wildcats, and searching for pixies and fairies amongst the mossy hummocks.  This lovely walk passes through the heart of the woods and returns along the banks of the River Strontian, with optional extensions to the old lead mines in the hills, or along the Fairy Walk to the village of Strontian.