Trail Cameras

Whilst a personal encounter with wildlife can provide both a magical and memorable, experience, there are times when remote viewing may be the best or only option available. In such circumstances, trail cameras are an excellent choice. Trail cameras offer high quality static and video images, and allow remote image capture by motion or thermal detection, in both light and dark settings. As such trail cameras allow you the opportunity to survey wildlife remotely in your chosen spot during both day and night with minimal disturbance to the local fauna. A great feature if you are interested in observing wildlife in a more natural setting. Curiosity by non-camera shy local wildlife can also result in some amazing close-up footage.

Our first trail camera was a basic Bushnell Trophy trail camera which provided us with a thrilling insight into our local wildlife. There are now many brands and models of Trail camera on the market today, including brands such as Bushnell, Browning, Spypoint and Victure, which vary in the features offered, design purpose and price. Choosing a suitable trail will depend on your purpose and budget. Key features to look out for are image quality (still and video resolution), audio capacity, night vision (including light source and illumination distance), trigger speed, wireless capacity, data storage and the power type and capacity.

A good model for recording nocturnal wildlife should feature high image resolution, a good contrast and infrared illumination, together with an illumination range suitable to your purpose. For example, if you are interested in observing wildlife up close, it is important to ensure that your selected trail camera features a low lighting option to avoid over-exposure of images.

Most trail cameras are battery powered by AA batteries but a few also offer rechargeable lithium ion and solar power. The importance of such features will depend on your wildlife-watching objectives.

Another feature worth considering is the playback option; some trail cameras offer play back facility on the trail camera itself and in colour; others models may require you to play back footage on another device.

We have selected a few of the many versions of trail camera on offer, based on our knowledge and experience. Both Bushnell and Browning offer a good range of trail cameras: our favourite models include Bushnell Core DS Low-glow, the Browning Recon Force Edge and Browning Recon Advantage. You might also consider Spypoint which offersolar powered and cellular link up models. Good entry level trail cameras include the Victure Wildlife Trap cameras.

We hope that you find a model suitable to your purposes and that you have many happy hours exploring the fauna in your local area and beyond. Trail cameras are a great item of equipment to consider taking on holiday with you.