Driving on Single Track Roads in The Highlands

The majority of roads in The Ardnamurchan area are single track, even the main roads. Single track roads permit two way travel but are not wide enough for two cars to pass at the same time. Instead they have numerous passing places which, as well as allowing cars to pass in opposite directions, should also be used to allow cars to pass and overtake from behind.  Driving on single track roads can be tiring and journey times will be longer than you may expect.  Expect the unexpected and watch out for sheep, Highland coos (cattle) and deer on the road, especially at night and over the winter months.

Here is some simple advice together based on the general advice in The Highway Code which we hope you will find useful.


Stop and wait in Passing Places - Keep to The Left

keep left and wait at passing places

If you see a vehicle coming towards you, pull into a passing place on your left and wait for the oncoming vehicle to pass you by.



If the Passing Place is on your right - Wait on the left hand side opposite the Passing Place

keep left and wait at passing places

If you see a vehicle coming towards you and the passing place is on the right, wait opposite the passing place and let the oncoming vehicle pull into the passing place.


Stop in Passing Places to let cars behind you overtake

stop and let vehicles pass

Ardnamurchan is a big places, whilst you may be on holiday and driving slowly, enjoying the scenery, watching out for sheep and other road hazards, other road users may be rushing to a Doctor's appointment, trying to catch the next ferry or simply going to work.  Let them pass if you see them behind you for a while - they'll thank you with a wee toot on the horn or a flash of their indicators as they head off ahead...


Be prepared to reverse to a Passing Place

be prepared to reverse to a passing place

If necessary, reverse until you reach a passing place to let the other vehicle pass. Remember to give way to vehicles travelling uphill if you can and don't make others reverse a long way if you have just passed a passing place. 


Most importantly, Take your Time, Don't Panic and Stay Safe on the Roads.