Travel Essentials

As soon as you have booked your holiday in Ardnamurchan, it is time to start planning for your great adventure on the West Coast of Scotland. Ardnamurchan is a fantastic place to visit at any time of year, a place where you can experience the scenic splendour of the Highlands, iconic wildlife and wonderful walks, as well as delving into the complex geology and clan history of this remote part of the West Highlands.

To make the most of your stay, we have put together a few suggestions as regarding wildlife kit, field guides, maps and other essentials that it would be well worth considering when you are putting together your packing list.

This section on holiday essentials includes a selection of useful gear, clothing, books, dvds and creams that we have found useful in our exploration of this lovely area and the islands beyond.

If you are planning to immense yourself in this wild landscape in Spring or Summer, either as a wildlife watcher or rambler, you would do well to consider packing a long sleeved travel shirt, zip off trousers, a expedition style Tilley hat and good pair of walking boots; a great clothing combination to minimise close encounters with one of the West Highlands most infamous species, the Highland midge, Culcoides impunctatus.

The Highland midge has a tendency to gather in swarms in still, humid conditions, mostly at dawn and dusk, and the female of the species is apt to inflict a piercing and rather irritating bite. Insect repellents, such as Smidge, and Avon Skin So Soft can be very effective against midges or you can opt for a midge net or midge hat instead. It is also good to pack some antihistamine cream or similar in case you experience any swelling after a bite. However, in most situations, midges can be successfully avoided, as midges are poor flyers so are easy outmanoeuvred; midges are also deterred by sunshine and a light breeze.

Another essential item if you are planning on exploring Ardnamurchan on foot is a walking stick and compass or GPS device. We never go walking without our trekking poles as much of the local terrain can be uneven underfoot. A GPS device, an OS map and waterproof clothing are also essential if you are planning to go hill walking.

We have also included a selection of locally theme books and dvds to immerse you in the landscape, history and film culture of Ardnamurchan and beyond.

We have selected items that we feel are both useful and our choice, where possible, reflect our belief in buying well and buying once. We cannot guarantee that the items we have selected are the best on the market, but we hope that they are among the best. These are personal choices and are given in good faith. However, as most of the products featured here are available on Amazon, you will have the opportunity to access a range of customer reviews , as well as some great prices and all the security offered by The Amazon Team.

We hope that you find some of these items useful for your forthcoming holiday in the Highlands.

Happy holidays....