Take an historic journey to the romantic ancient fortress of the Clan Ranald, near Dorlin, in Moidart. Castle Tioram is located on the small tidal island of Eilean Tioram where the waters of River Shiel and Loch Moidart merge. This romantic ruined castle was built in the 13th century and served as an impenetrable stronghold and home to the Clan Ranald. Immerse yourself in the romance and history of this iconic castle with its turbulent past. Scan the surrounding hills for eagles and look for otters and waders foraging along the coastline. You can also enjoy a leisurely stroll along the banks of the River Shiel on the Low Dorlin Road or take a longer coastal walk (The Silver walk) to Ardmolich.

This ancient fortress can be reached by car at Dorlin along a narrow single tracked road off the A861. Alternatively, you can take a lovely coastal walk to the Castle Tioram from the Forestry Commission car park at Ardmolich (The Silver walk). There is also an optional detour to the castle from the Castle Tioram Circular walk or the Blain Burn Circular walk. Castle Tioram is perched on a rocky tidal outlet and access is only possible at low tide when the tidal waters recede to reveal the sand bar-courseway and a beautiful sandy beach. Please note that it is not possible to enter the castle.

This is a great day out focussed around a romantic ruined castle and with ample opportunities for wildlife spotting. Enjoy one of the many local walks in the area. Have a picnic on the lovely beach at Dorlin.



 ( Moidart )

Reasons To Visit: Castle

Castle Tioram is a ruined castle sited upon the tidal island of Eilean Tioram.  The Castle is surrounded by a pentagonal curtain wall dating from 13th, and served as a home and stronghold of the Clan Ranalds. This impressive and romantic castle has witness a turbulent history reflecting the struggles, allegiances and diverse fortunes of the Clan.  The Castle was garrisoned by Government troops in the late 1700s. It was later recaptured by Allan, the 14th Clan chief, in 1715 who set the castle alight to prevent it falling into the hands of the Government…


 ( Moidart )

Reasons To Visit: Walk

The Low Dorlin Road walk is a lovely short 'there and back' walk along the banks of the River Shiel, starting from Castle Tioram. The walk affords some fabulous views of Castle Tioram, Loch Moidart and the River Shiel.  Look out for otters, waterfowl and waders along the coastal stretches.  Scan the hills and crags for eagle and other raptors.  At low tide, take time to explore the large sandy beach at Dorlin and visit the historic Castle Tioram.  A fabulous short walk with much interest of route. 

The walk can…

Reasons To Visit: Walk

The Blain Burn walk is a circular walk to three lochans by Blain Burn. This lovely walk heads off through woodland and out onto open heath/moorland. There are some stunning views on route, as well as good wildlife spotting opportunities. You can also take short detour to the 13th century Castle Tioram on the tidal island of Eilean Tioram, the former stronghold of Clanranalds.


 ( Ardnamurchan Peninsula )

Reasons To Visit: Village, Public Toilet facilities

The crofting village of Acharacle is located on the south western shore of Loch Shiel.  The village name is derived from the Gaelic Àth Tharracail (Torquil's Ford) and commemorates a battle in 1120 in which the Norse invader Torqulli was defeated by Somerled, King of the Isles, by a ford near the River Shiel.  The village is served by a grocery shop, bakery, take-away, cafe, service garage, public convenience and a medical centre.  The Loch Shiel Hotel is also a great place for a drink, lunch or evening meal.  Shielbridge Hall in…

Reasons To Visit: Walk

The Silver Walk is a stunning coastal walk along the shores of Loch Moidart. There are some fantastic views on route, as well as an opportunity to explore deserted township of Port a’ Bhata (the bay of boats) and the 13th century fortress of the Clanranalds, Castle Tioram. A great walk for spotting coastal wildlife, including ducks, divers and otters, as well as raptors in the hills.