St Comghan's Church


St Comghan's Church

Enjoy a lovely walk to the ruined church of St Comghan at Kilchoan. St Comghan and the adjacent burial ground overlook the village of Kilchoan and Kilchoan Bay.  Most of the church dates from 18th century but some features of an earlier medieval church (12th or 13th century) are evident in the west gable-wall. The Church is dedicated to the Irish monk St Comghan (Comgan, Chomhghain); one of several churches he established on his travels in the Highlands and Islands. St Comghan was eventually replaced by a new building in a nearby location in 1831. Details of history of the church can be found on an interpretation board at the site.

Take time to wander around the church and its graveyard.  In the graveyard look out for two decorated stones in the Iona tradition dating from the 14th or 15th century.

Continue up Glebe hill to a cairn made up of coloured pebbles, taking time to admire some fabulous views over Kilchoan, Kilchoan Bay and beyond.