Shielfoot Torr


Shielfoot Torr

Shielfoot Torr consists of a vitrified fort on a wooded ridge overlooking the River Shiel. The fort conforms to the contours of the ridge and consists of heavy vitrified wall up to 4.5 metres in thickness and standing to height of 0.5 metres. A sub-rectangular enclosure is evident at the south end, and there is an oval enclosure at the northwest side which probably served as a small dun with a timber-lace wall. Although there is some doubt as to the chronological relationship between the fort, dun and enclosure, it is likely that the small dun was constructed on the ruins of the univallate fort.  Although little remains of the three structures, this scheduled monument provides an interesting insight into the changing nature of fortifications over time.

The fort is accessed by a short walk through the lovely ancient oak woodland at Shielfoot.