Greadal Fhinn


Greadal Fhinn

Take the opportunity to visit Greadal Fhinn, the remains of a Neolithic chambered cairn on the summit of a small knoll. The mounded cairn is roughly circular in outline and located on croft land 300m NW of Ormsaigmore, near Kilchoan. There are two burial chambers within, one of cist-like construction, and the other a passage-grave. The larger passage-grave consists of seven upright stones, a capstone, plus two stone stumps. The burial chamber, which is aligned ESE and WNW, would have been entered through a short passage. The smaller chamber is rectangular in shape with four slabs and a capstone. It is located in the centre of the mould and possibly of an earlier date. The cairn may have been orginally surrounded by several upright stones, long since removed.

Take time to explore this enigmatic cairn, a scheduled monument, on the southern shores of the Ardnamurchan peninsula.

The chambered cairn can be accessed by taking a track by Grianan croft, near Kilchoan.