Bourblaige Cleared Village


Bourblaige Cleared Village

The settlement of Bourblaige is one of the best preserved cleared settlements on the Ardnamurchan peninsula. The settlement is located on the south-east flank of Ben Hiant, between Camus nan Geall and Maclean's Nose.

The village consists of approximately 36 unroofed buildings of drystone construction (dwelling houses, barns, byres), with the remaining walls between 1 and 2 metres high, scattered across an area of 400m x 300m. There are also two enclosures, a field system and a head dyke. The buildings are mostly oblong with rounded corners, with the largest building measuring 12m by 6m.

Take time to wander around this former thriving settlement on the southern shore of the Ardnamurchan peninusula with with its stunning coast and hill views. 

The village can be accessed by a short walk along a track off the B8007, just west of Camus nan Geall.  However, you should note that once off the track, access to the village is mainly across rough uneven damp grassland with boggy areas.